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Tuning Tesla Model Y

Tuning the Tesla Model Y or tuning any other Tesla electric car is the main specialization of our TSK manufacturing company. Our team has created our own Cyber 3 tuning project, which helps owners of electric cars create their own unique tesla.

Over the years, TSK has earned the trust and respect of customers and received a huge amount of positive feedback. There is no secret in our success, everything is simple - our team responsibly approaches each order and wish.
TSK will perform tuning of any complexity, so by addressing us, you can be sure that your expectations will be justified one hundred percent!

Tuning the Tesla Model Y from Cyber3: Quality Assurance
The Tesla "Cyber 3" tuning project is a great solution to make mega tuning for your car, since TSK is a manufacturer of unique tsk carbon parts for tuning Tesla Model Y.
TSK's "Cyber 3" tuning project has proven itself and continues to receive positive feedback from our company's customers.

The best indicator of our work is the participation of Tesla cars tuned by our company at the world-famous "SEMA Show", which is held annually in Las Vegas.
It's rare for electric cars to be sent from Ukraine back to their homeland in the US, but we created a unique tuning and Tesla electric cars went back to America for the legendary World's Fair.

In addition to tuning, TSK sells Tesla electric cars and also has its own Tesla service in different countries around the world.

Tuning TSK "Cyber 3:

● using only high-quality materials;
● use of the latest technology;
● high professionalism of specialists;
● an individual approach to each client;
● timely execution of orders;
● strict adherence to all the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Thus, ordering tuning of Tesla Model Y or any other model from TSK professionals means becoming an owner of a truly unique Tesla electric car.

Our specialists will easily perform both external and internal tuning of your vehicle. The external upgrade includes everything that affects the design of the car: airbrushing, toning, changing rear-view mirrors, body kits, rims, and so on. Internal tuning implies changing a car interior, for example, a sports steering wheel with additional buttons, original mats, unique seat covers, and so on. The same tuning can also be referred to as the internal upgrade because it not only visually improves a car's appearance but also prevents unwanted light from penetrating inside it.

Tuning history
Today many people think that tuning appeared literally recently, in the 21st century. However, this is a misconception. A century ago, car enthusiasts already knew what tuning is and actively used the services of masters to upgrade their cars.
Initially, it was a small workshop, where a couple of people worked, and the tuning itself meant changing a single part. However, over the years, this direction has developed more and more actively, and in the middle of the twenty-first century, you could change your car beyond recognition. There is an explanation for this demand: it was in the fifties of the last century began the active production of various cars, and their buyers wanted to make their vehicles different from others.

What does tuning mean now?
● improvement of machine features;
● increased power;;
● increased control;
● Reduced emission of hazardous substances through the exhaust system;
● reduced fuel consumption.

Order tuning Tesla Model Y produced by "TSK" - means qualitative realization of all the wildest dreams about your car!