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Front bumper incl. carbon front
Rear bumper incl. massive carbon diffusor
Fiberglass front trunk
Carbon side skirts
Front and rear custom fenders
Modification Package
19 500
Red customized interior , castom steering wheel (carbon available) and black roof head lining made of suade, custom red seat belts with logo
+ 9 000 USD
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Tuning Tesla Model S

Tuning the Tesla Model S is all about spectacular body kits, cool airbrushing, tinting, original headlight covers, and mesmerizing neon lighting. This and much more is what drivers of Tesla Model S electric cars prefer to do to improve their vehicles. The purpose of tuning is not only the aesthetic aspect but also to improve the functionality of the car. Tuning can also be described as "safely increasing the car's power".

For the result to live up to expectations, only true professionals from TSK should be entrusted with the job.
TSK is a company that manufactures parts for tuning the Tesla Model S. The Cyber3 Tuning Project is a project of TSK, which performs cool quality tuning of the Tesla Model S. The Cyber3 tuning project was appreciated at the legendary SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Tuning Tesla Model S by TSK professionals

Making an upgrade to your car is a true pleasure for many car enthusiasts. Firstly, quality tuning is the external appeal of the car, as well as what makes it unique and stands out from the crowd. Secondly, it is an improvement of the vehicle's functionality. Thus, there is a distinction between the external tuning of the Tesla Model S (and any other Tesla electric car models) and internal tuning.
The exterior includes all modifications in relation to the visual effect. These are all sorts of body kits, rims, headlight covers, drawings on the doors, hood, and not only. Here everything depends on the fantasy of a car owner, his preferences, and the experience of the master.

The internal tuning includes everything that increases the comfort of the driver, as well as pleases his eye inside the cabin. Cool seatbelts, a variety of car mats, comfortable steering wheel with additional buttons, and tuning. It's worth noting that tuning can be classified as both an upgrade for aesthetics and tuning for comfort, because a tinted car looks nice and doesn't let extra light inside, which creates comfort for the eyes.

Tuning Tesla Model S in Cyber3 (or any other Tesla model) means becoming the owner of a truly unique car. The team's professionals will certainly take into account all the client's wishes and masterfully bring them to life.

A little bit of history
Tuning itself appeared in the early twentieth century in America and immediately gathered a huge number of fans. It was born at the dawn of the era of cars. The mass character of independent modernization has become in the U.S. in the seventies and eighties of the 20th century. The reason for that was an influx of inexpensive cars from Japan, which specialists from the U.S. began to carefully adjust to their tastes.

Over time, more and more car enthusiasts wanted to change the factory features and parameters of their cars and improve their appearance.
Today, many sources write that what we mean by tuning is actually called styling. But it is the word "tuning" that has caught on among ordinary people, among car enthusiasts, and among specialists.

Today there are a lot of tuning fans around the world, and real professionals are worth their weight in gold. But we have something to be proud of in this field - TSK has won recognition in the world and earned a lot of grateful customers and positive feedback.

In addition to tuning, the TSK team sells Tesla electric cars and has its own Tesla service in different countries around the world.
Tuning Tesla Model S from Cyber3 is a guarantee of quality. Ukrainian craftsmen listen to every customer, take into account their requirements and provide excellent results. The improved car will bring maximum pleasure to the driver and attract people's admiring glances.

Order tuning Tesla Model S produced by "TSK" - means the qualitative realization of all the wildest dreams about your car!