Front bumper incl. carbon front
spoiler & original modified optics
Rear bumper incl. massive carbon diffusor
Fiberglass front trunk
Carbon side skirts
Front and rear custom fenders
Modification Package
19 500
+ 9 000 USD
Red customized interior , castom steering wheel (carbon available) and black roof head lining made of suade, custom red seat belts with logo
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Tuning Tesla Model 3

Tuning Tesla Model 3 – is the transformation of your vehicle inside and out to make it more original, beautiful, and powerful. Tuning – эis a great way to make your wildest dreams for your Tesla Model 3 come true, as well as to reflect your personality.

Ukrainian manufacturer TSK is a super opportunity to make your Tesla Model 3 electric car unique. Make it one that stands out in the flow of cars and attracts the admiring eyes of others. TSK created the Cyber 3 tuning project and manufactures modern, exclusive carbon fiber parts for the Tesla Model 3 range.
By contacting the TSK team, everyone can be assured of the highest quality of work and excellent results.

Tuning Tesla Model 3 from the Cyber 3 team: which implies
Using the latest technology and with vast experience, TSK professionals masterfully implement the most challenging projects. And they do it at a strictly specified time! On their account are dozens of successful works and as many satisfied customers around the world, and the best confirmation of the high level of their work is the participation of TSK tuned cars in the legendary annual event called SEMA Show (traditionally always held in Las Vegas). The works of Ukrainian masters impress the organizers, visitors, and other participants of the show.

Tuning Tesla Model 3 from the TSK team will make the car special, and the masters will definitely take into account all the wishes and requirements of the customer.

What is tuning like?
The purpose of tuning is to create an external wow effect, as well as comfort for the driver inside the cabin. Thus, a distinction is made between exterior tuning and interior tuning.
External upgrades include everything that concerns visual modifications. This includes various pretty neon lights, a variety of drawings (airbrushing), and beautiful rims, the variety of which is pleasantly surprising, any headlight covers, and much more. Experienced TSK professionals will easily change the style of the Tesla Model 3, making it the way the car owner wants to see it.
External tuning of the Tesla Model 3 is:

● Front bumper incl. carbon front spoiler & original modified optics
● Fiberglass front trunk
● Carbon side skirts
● Rear bumper incl. massive carbon diffusor
● Front and rear custom fenders

Оptional modification TSK "Cyber 3 " для Your Tesla:

● Carbon front trunk (only with Modification Package)
● Fiberglass rear trunk incl replaced reversing light
● Carbon fiber turn signal covers & carbon fiber side mirror shell covers
● Carbon rear trunk spoiler
The interior upgrade includes everything that concerns not only the visual effect but also the driver's comfort. This includes the retouching of the car interior, the use of additional cushions, a sports steering wheel with additional control buttons, original mats, sports seat belts, and much more.

The internal tuning of the Tesla Model 3 is:

● Red customized interior
● Custom red seat belts with logo
● Castom steering wheel (carbon available)
● Black roof head lining made of suade
Tuning your car is a real pleasure for any car enthusiast, starting with the design stage. However, you should entrust your car to true professionals to get a result worthy of your expectations. Such are masters of the Ukrainian team TSK. Applying to them means quality realization of your wishes regarding your favorite car. Tuning Tesla model 3 from Cyber 3 is a high level of service, timely performance of work, and individual approach to each client.

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