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Red customized interior , castom steering wheel (carbon available) and black roof head lining made of suade, custom red seat belts with logo
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Тuning Tesla Model X

Тuning Tesla Model X from TSK — is a qualitative change in the design and interior of the electric car to create a peculiar style. It's a great way to make your Tesla Model X stand out among the vast number of other vehicles and impress those around you with its appearance.

The Cyber 3 tuning project from the TSK manufacturer will help you create an uniq Tesla and will do so in a strictly defined time frame. By contacting the Cyber 3 project specialists, every customer can be sure of an excellent result and compliance with all customer requirements.

Тuning Tesla Model X: where the concept of "tuning" goes back to
Nowadays, most people assume that the phenomenon called "tuning" appeared recently, but this is not the case. Already in the early 20th century, many car owners wanted to improve their cars by changing their regular parameters. That's when the history of tuning began.

Drivers increased the speed of their cars, improved power performance, and changed the appearance of cars. One of the reasons for the development of car upgrades was the organization of auto races. Striving to set records, car enthusiasts began to improve their vehicles en masse - and such services were quite accessible to almost everyone at that time.

It wasn't long before tuning became a real automotive boom! Every day more and more drivers turned to masters to improve their cars. And if originally under the tuning meant a slight modification of specific parts, then over time it became a professional nature. It became possible to change their cars beyond recognition, from the rearview mirrors, ending with the transformation of the chassis.

Tuning became very active in the fifties of the 20th century. Exactly then the production of cars reached unbelievable speed. Young people who bought new cars tried to be original and tried to distinguish their cars from the general flow. The number of tuning studios began to grow rapidly, and today the tuning market has simply billions in revenue. The demand for car tuning still continues up to now.
Nowadays car enthusiasts are actively improving the performance and design of the vehicle. In order to meet the expectations of the customer, you should entrust your car to only proven experienced professionals, in this matter the TSK manufacturer can be proud of!

Тuning Tesla Model X and other Tesla models by TSK
Hundreds of successfully completed works that fully meet the expectations of customers, hundreds of grateful customers, and a lot of positive feedback - all this is about the work of true professionals of the Cyber 3 team. TSK professionals carry out each order with high quality and always adhere to the agreed deadlines.
One of the best proofs of our team's high professionalism is the participation of Tesla electric cars tuned by our company in the legendary annual SEMA Specialty Automotive Equipment Show in Las Vegas. It is an extremely rare case when Tesla electric cars from Ukraine go to the USA again. However, TSK tuning masters managed to do it! Event organizers, guests, and other participants were delighted with the work done by Ukrainian professionals in 2022.

Tuning the Tesla Model X and other Tesla electric vehicles of any complexity by Cyber 3 is a super option for making the boldest wishes for your vehicle come true. The key to the team's success is the use of high-quality materials, the use of the latest technology, and a responsible approach to each order.
Order Tuning Tesla Model X produced by "TSK" - means qualitative realization of all the wildest dreams about your car!